The Quintessence of Sales

S ales is the key defining activity, which determines the success of any commercial organization. However, up to now, its representation in contemporary business literature has been somewhat limited. Our new book "The Quintessence of Sales" is meant to fill this void. It is part of the well known "Quintessence" series from Springer (Berlin, Germany), one of the largest and most prestigious educational publishers in all Europe.

I n an approach that is combining the micro and the macro aspect - or as we call it: "The Sales Arena" - it is giving a 360° perspective. With its strong practical focus and a well-defined sales process, this book is laying out the "To Dos" for further professionalization and successful differentiation in the market. This publication is offering a variety of practical ways to improve your (sales) organization. Or, to put it in other words:
What you really need to know to be successful in sales.

The Main Arguments

B etter qualified salespeople and sales managers are paving the way for a customer-oriented, high margin organization. A better structured company with high mode interfaces and total commitment of all employees is shifting the organization into the next gear. These implementations require dedication, diligence and endurance. And it is highly rewarding, as it is giving you the competitive edge in your specific market.

The Target Groups

C ombining the theory and practice of sales, this business book is not only meant for those, who are actually working in this profession. But also for professionals from e.g. production, R&D or marketing, as all of them are working together to create crucial and repeatable sales successes. From acquiring new clients to closing deals. It is about how you can methodically create a winning sales team and a highly sales-oriented organization.

The Authors

T he two Germany based sales consultants and sales coaches, Stefan Hase and Corinna Busch, decided to put together their combined theoretical and practical knowledge to create this quintessential economics book on sales. It can be ordered in print under ISBN 978-3-319-61172-3 or as an ebook under 978-3-319-61174-7.

Stefan Hase

Stefan received a diploma in Business Administration from Hamburg University. After careers in sales and HR for international corporations, he founded the business consulting company Wirkung Plus GmbH in 2004. He works as a consultant, trainer and keynote speaker worldwide.

Corinna Busch

Corinna received a B.A. in Logistics Management from Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA). She received a M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior from Aston Business School (UK). Since 2012 she is working with Wirkung Plus GmbH as a sales coach and consultant.

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The Organization Behind The Book

Since 2004 Wirkung Plus GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, is helping clients to improve their sales performance. Wirkung Plus is strongly result driven, and is successfully implementing its sales driven approach for customers globally. In more than 20 different industries we are shaping a profitable future. Always passionately and on the basis of extensive practical and theoretical know-how.

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